• MFC Switchbox™ for molbox1+ and MFC-CB™

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  • MFC Switchbox supplies power and switches between up to five MFC or MFMs on one molbox1+ or MFC-CB channel.

    The MFC switchbox is an accessory to the molbox1+ MFC option and MFC-CB mass flow control box. This accessory continuously powers up to five MFCs and/or MFMs (DUTs) and allows switching control between them on one molbox1 or MFC-CB channel.

Số lượng

The MFC switchbox contains internal switches to switch between five 25-pin MFC connection ports. molbox1+ and MFC-CB support switchbox control allowing MFC switchbox channels to be changed by simple front panel menu selection or remote ASCII string commands.

The MFC switchbox has its own power supply which is configured to maintain continuous power to all five connection ports simultaneously. This allows an MFC to be tested on one channel while other MFCs are warning up. This feature is particularly useful for the many types of MFCs that require an extensive uninterrupted warm-up period to operate within stated specifications.

The MFC switchbox supports COMPASS for Flow software’s split control in which an MFC of one range can be used to automatically control the flow to measuring DUTs (such as MFMs) of other ranges. The controlling MFC is connected to channel 1 and the measuring DUTs are connected to the other four channels. (Note: MFC switchbox is intended for used with voltage based MFCs. Only one current based MFC at a time can be connected).

The MFC switchbox is connected to the molbox1+ or MFC-CB MFC control connection and the switchbox communications port using cables supplied with the switchbox. The MFC connection cables (not included) are the same as those used when connecting directly to molbox1 or MFC-CB.


Power requirements 85 to 264 V ac, 50 to 60 Hz, 55 VA max consumption
Cooling Active fan driven air circulation
MFC power supply ± 15 V, 260 mA per channel on up to five channels
MFC port connectors Five 25-pin female DSUB metal case socket
MFC valve test point and current measurement Available only on channel 1
Weight 1.5 kg (3.25 lb)
Dimensions (W x H X D) 22.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 20.0 cm (8.85 in x 2.95 in x 7.87 in)


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