• Interface-it Temperature Calibration Software

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  • Fluke Calibrations's Interface-it Software Version 3.81 allows nearly all our dry-wells, baths and controllers that are equipped with an RS-232 interface to be controlled remotely from a PC.

    • Support for 914x series Field Metrology Wells
    • Support for 917x series Metrology Wells

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The Interface-it package is included with every Temperature Calibration dry-well, bath, furnace and controller that has an RS-232 interface. It is designed as an interface-only package that lets you change the temperature, set-points and safety cutouts on your instrument from your PC.

This software has some basic data collection features, but it is not a full automation package. Several other companies advertise their software as automation software with fewer features than you get with Interface-it. Why do they do that? Read about some of our other packages and you’ll find out.

Now, Interface-it includes a feature that many of you have asked for... password protection of calibration constants and other critical instrument settings so you can be sure users don't intentionally or accidentally change settings that critically affect the performance of the instruments being used! You wanted it, you got it!

** INTERFACE-IT is not compatible with 64-bit operating systems. Additionally, you may experience some issues when running Interface-it on 32-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.**


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