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  • Turn any Fluke Calibration single-channel handheld or Tweener readout into a real-time data logger with LogWare. It’s the easiest data acquisition program you’ll ever use.

    • Collects real-time data using Fluke Calibration handheld and Tweener readout
    • Calculates statistics and displays customizable graphs
    • Allows user-selected start times, stop times and sample intervals
    • Provides user-defined alarms that trip customizable alarm events
    • Includes tools to read/write probe coefficients and other readout settings

Số lượng

LogWare lets you acquire data to your PC graphically and store it to a text file. It also performs statistical functions automatically on each data set. The setup is so easy you won’t need to read the manual to use it.

LogWare was designed for temperature data acquisition. Set high and low alarm conditions, program a delayed start time, store a data log for a fixed number of readings or length of time, program the acquisition interval from 1 second to 24 hours, and then let the software take readings from the readout while you get the rest of your work done.

During a log session you can view the data in a time/temperature trend graph while the data points are stored to a file on your PC. Output the graph to your printer, view the test points from a spreadsheet, or review the pertinent log statistics once your log is completed.

If you have the Fluke Calibration 1523 Reference Thermometer Readout there’s even more you can do. The 1523 can capture up to 25 display readings or "Demand Log" data points. Once you’re back to your PC, you can use LogWare to download the data into individual log sessions and view each one separately.

Take the 1523 out in the field, store readings from your freezers, ovens, chambers, and anywhere else you need to record temperature, bring it back to your PC, and LogWare will separate each log session into individual data sets. You don’t have to load the text file into your spreadsheet and try to figure out which data points went with each log session. LogWare does all that for you.

LogWare also gives you the ability to make configuration changes to your readout. Program your probe coefficients, write calibration data to your meter, set passcode-protected parameters, and other tools specific to your readout all from your PC in user-friendly Windows screens.


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