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  • The 50A-3PH is a three phase injection system providing commissioning and maintenance engineers with a flexible system for testing protective systems

Số lượng
Giới thiệu:
  • 0-50A three phase output
  • Clear and simple user interface
  • 3 phase current output
  • 0-50A per phase output current
  • True RMS digital metering
  • Memory ammeter
  • Multi-function timing system
  • Auxiliary metering input
  • Large back-lit liquid crystal display
  • Thermal and over-current protection
  • Compact and portable
  • 220V or 400V 3 phase mains supply options
  • 115V-440V 3 wire supply with optional supply transformer
Tổng quan:

The 50A-3PH is a three phase injection system providing commissioning and maintenance engineers with a flexible system for testing protective systems. It has an easy to understand panel layout and a simple user interface. The status of every function can be seen at a glance, and there are no complex menus to navigate. The unit has a range of outputs allowing injection of currents as low as a few mA and as high as 50A. Voltages up to 18V are available on the main outputs. Three true RMS metering ranges are provided, allowing the full scale of the meter and trip level to be set independently of the selected output. Industry standard safety connectors are used on all inputs and outputs for convenience, reliability and safety. The 50A-3PH is comprehensively protected by overcurrent, duty cycle and thermal trips, and keeps the user fully informed of any trip condition. Auxiliary outputs and inputs are fuse protected.

The back-lit display on the 50A-3PH is bright and clear with a wide viewing angle. The results of a test can be seen here as they appear on the display

An auxiliary metering input is provided and can measure voltage, current, frequency, and the phase between any of the current outputs and an external voltage or current. The timing system is very flexible without compromising ease of use, allowing trip times, reset times and reclose times to be quickly measured to a high degree of accuracy. Two independently isolated contact inputs are provided, and the timing system may also be used as a stand-alone timer. The 50A-3ph can be used to test many types of single and three phase secondary protection including:

  • Over and under current relays
  • IDMT relays
  • Auto-reclosers
  • Time delay relays
  • Earth fault relays
  • Miniature circuit breakers
  • Power relays
  • Tripping relays
  • Thermal relays

When used in conjunction with a DVS3 3 phase voltage source the 50A-3PH may be used to test most types of protection requiring three voltages and three currents including:

  • Directional overcurrent relays
  • Distance protection relays
  • Phase angle relays
  • Power transducers
  • Power relays


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