• Fluke 700HTPK Hydraulic Test Pressure Kit

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    • Rugged, high-quality pressure gauge calibrator
    • Fast, accurate test results
    • Generates hydraulic pressure up to 10,000 psi, 690 BAR
    • Easy to use, rugged and reliable construction
    • Use with a Fluke 700G Precision Pressure Gauge for a complete pressure testing and calibration solution
    • Combine with the Fluke 700G/TRACK Software to upload over 8,000 pressure measurements logged in the field to a PC

    The Fluke 700HTPK Hydraulic Test Pressure Kit includes

    • 700HTP-2 hydraulic hand pump
    • test hoses and adapters
    • protective hard case

Số lượng

The Fluke 700HTP-2 is a hand operated hydraulic pressure pump designed to generate calibration pressures up to 10,000 psi/690 bar. Designed for use with Fluke-700 series high pressure modules such as the Fluke-750P09, 750P29, 750P30 and 750P31.

Ideal for calibration when connected to a Fluke high pressure module via the reference port. The 700HTP-2 uses distilled water or mineral-based hydraulic oil as a source for calibration of high pressure input devices such as pressure transmitters or pressure gauges. Can also be used with Fluke 717 pressure calibrators.

  • Variable size stroke adjustment, allows the user to vary the volume and pressure per stroke
  • Integral pressure adjustment vernier knob for fine pressure adjustment
  • Directly connection to pressure modules consolidates two separate pieces into one when performing pressure calibration and testing
  • Two ¼ inch NPT pressure ports, one for reference (pressure module or gauge), one for UUT
  • Compatible with optional Fluke-700PRV pressure relief valve designed to protect pressure modules from overpressure damage
  • Improved priming
  • Improved stroke limiting mechanism


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