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  • Mechanical support for probes

    When setting up a new calibration bath, you need a way to suspend your probes in the bath fluid. We recommend our modular mechanical support systems. Made of fine-quality steel and machined parts, these support components combine in hundreds of ways to solve almost any probe suspension problem

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Single probe kit

Our single probe kit is a good way to get started. It has one medium clamp, one 10-inch rod, one bosshead, and one V-base for holding one probe.

Economy kit

Our economy kit includes two V-bases, one 29-inch stainless steel rod, two 23-inch rods, five bossheads, two micro-clamps, and one medium clamp. This will build a bench-mounted frame for suspending one rod and three clamps over a bath opening. Simply add to your setup as needed. Choose from any of the listed accessories. 

Individual hardware

Our selection of clamps and stands provides a simple way to hold probes and thermometers in baths during calibration. System components can be assembled in a number of ways to suit individual needs. Select clamps, rods, bossheads, and bases to fit your individual needs.


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